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Spirit of Football - Dan Goes East

If any reminder were needed about the environmental challenges facing mankind, then those two record breaking scorchers last week have been firm digs in the ribs.

Grass fires in East London, Norfolk, Milton Keynes have led to houses and commercial buildings being burnt down while across large parts of Europe Forest fires rage almost uncontrollably destroying everything in their path.

This is no longer a debate on the causes of climate change and whether the earth and atmosphere are warming naturally or due to the burning of fossil fuels and eradication of rain forests.

Whatever the cause most people now agree that action needs to be taken to try and protect our environment and civilian populations from experiencing further devastation and loss of life.

Enter the Football Supporters’ Association alliances & affiliations with Climate Change Football Action groups, Pledgeball & Spirt of Football.

There’ll be much more about Pledgeball in the coming weeks and months but first a short note on Dan Roberts (Director of Specialist Community Projects) who represented the Club at a Spirit of Football meeting at Leyton Orient FC recently.

Spirit of Football are a German environmental organization working with football organisations and clubs across Europe to raise awareness of the challenges that lie ahead.

Dan travelled to the Breyer Group Stadium via public transport (environmental bonus points ticked) and in common with all the participants from EFL & non-league clubs ate only fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds during the day long conference and workshop (more environmental bonus points).

As part of the group’s project to raise awareness on climate change a signed “One World, One Football”, football will be making its way to the Women's World Cup in New Zealand next year. Dan was a signatory on the ball.

There was a lot of interesting innovations discussed including Hamburg team, St Pauli, who will be wearing recycled polyester kits and whose fans can buy club produce made from recyclable materials.

If you’ve seen Will Your Football Club Be Underwater in 2050 you’ll understand why it’s so important for action to be taken now.

The Club will be doing its bit to reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible. Dan will be setting up a car share club for fans wanting to travel to away matches, but that will be just the start. Please keep your eyes on our social media platforms for news on other climate change themed activities.


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