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CBS Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CBS?
Dunstable Town Football Club has been relaunched as a Community Benefit Society (CBS), which is a recognised legal entity structure, supported by the FSA (Football Supporters Association) and regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

Why has the club taken this decision?
Established in 1883, the original and most famous football club in the town, DTFC takes extremely seriously its role as a force for good in the local community, and to further demonstrate this is now becoming the ‘true people’s club’. This means that the club is owned equally by its shareholders and anyone can become a shareholder with equal voting rights. All shareholders are equal and no person has overall control. This is a real fan-owned club rather than the hobby of an individual.

How do people become owners of the club?
It’s really simple, just purchase an annual membership, which includes a £1 share in the club, you remain an owner while you maintain your membership. There are very cost-effective membership options to suit all budgets. Take a look at the packages here or come and see us at Creasey Park on matchdays.

Why would I want to become a shareholder?
This is a way you can become a co-owner of a well-known, semi-professional football club, without needing to be a billionaire, oligarch or even a rich Oil state! For most of us owning a football club is unlikely to be affordable, now it is! Your share entitles you to one vote, no owner can own more than one share.

Is there any risk in being a shareholder?

No, the only risk is your £1 share.

Other than being a Co-Owner of a football club, are there any other benefits?
Yes. As a Co-Owner, you receive your own share certificate to keep in a safe place, or even display it on your wall! You also receive the DTFC ‘Blue Card’ which entitles you to various discounts/benefits with the club’s growing number of partners. Using your Blue Card effectively can significantly reduce the cost of your annual membership.


As a business owner who could be interested in a commercial partnership with DTFC, what does CBS mean to me?
Businesses can partner with the club knowing that club funds cannot be distributed to shareholders and that any financial support is being paid to a regulated legal entity. DTFC supports several good causes such as MIND BLMK, CALM. This is a great opportunity for businesses to support their community and make a real difference.

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