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George & Freddie's Barnet Away Day

Written by George Lewington

Photo by Liam Smith

George and Freddie got to spend some time with the Barnet Gaffer Dean Brennan and asked him some questions as well as having a look around the ground. I asked how many the ground holds now because when we last came to the Hive there was a stand behind the goal which is not there anymore.

Dean explained they are putting a new stand up behind the goal.

Freddie asked what the biggest result you have had as the manager which Dean replied was 6-0.

We asked how long is the pitch away from being able to be played on. Dean replied it will be ready in a fortnight when we take on Peterborough in a pre-season friendly.

We then had our picture with Dean and we were two happy Lewington boys. Freddie said we needed a picture with Gary and Dean which we managed to persuade Gary to have, we were lucky we had Liam Smith on hand to take the pictures. George and Freddie would like to thank Gary Levy and Dean Brennan for arranging this. 💙


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