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Club Statement

Dunstable Town FC are happy to confirm that the respective Chairs of both clubs have spoken on the phone this morning. The purpose of the conversation was to offer an unreserved apology for the damage caused to one of the Tring Athletic changing room windows after yesterday’s match, and to offer payment for the full cost of repairs.

We are aware that the matter has received negative publicity in some social media quarters. As a Community/Fan owned club which has for the past year been offering support to groups of previously socially marginalised people as well as three different levels of Walking Football groups, under the Club’s Improving the Lives of Others programme, we care deeply that this “one off” incident does not detract from our work as a social enterprise.

Tring Athletic have been gracious enough to accept our apology and we look forward to hosting them at Creasey Park in the 3 rd Round of the Isuzu FA Vase on Sunday 4th December.

The Club will now deal with this matter internally and make no further comment.

Andrew Madaras

Chair & Secretary Dunstable Town FC


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