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Chums & Crumbs Christmas Party

Every Thursday between 11am and 1pm a little piece of magic takes place at the far end of the corridor of the Dunstable Centre. To get there you have to walk past the Costa Coffee bar, the library, the swimming pool and the badminton courts. But if you’ve been of single purpose and steadfastly ignored temptation to visit any of the other attractions, then you are rewarded with one of the nicest welcomes you’ll receive in Bedfordshire, never mind Dunstable.

Tucked away at the far end of the long corridor is Chums & Crumbs. A joint venture between Dunstable Town FC, Titan PCN & SLL, who manage the Dunstable Centre. Lee, Vicky or Helen will give you the warmest of welcomes and help you settle into a friendly group of people who have the opportunity every Thursday to meet with other people for up to two hours. Many of those attending may go for several days without seeing another person and the group serves as a lifeline for many who might be lonely or socially isolated.

The group celebrated Christmas with a festive spread and a traditional game of bingo or two. Every attendee left with a bag of presents and the knowledge & reassurance that they’re valued and respected as individuals and Chums and Crumbs will always be a second home for them.

Thank you to all our owners and sponsors for supporting us with Chums and Crumbs and to Michael Watts, Community Champion ASDA Dunstable for their support.


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