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Tandem Bank Visit

If I did a straw poll among supporters and asked what is Blackpool famous for, I’d be prepared to wager a few quid that not many people would identify it as the home of Tandem Bank, one of the Club’s biggest sponsors.

A greener, digital bank with somewhere in the region of 100,000 customers, Tandem Bank is a sponsor to be proud of and be a little humble that they have chosen DTFC to be one of their charity partners.

Where’s the catch? What’s a Blackpool based bank which employs over 500 people doing sponsoring a Step 5 football club over 200 miles away?

The good news is that there isn’t a catch, and sometimes stars do align, and this is one of those occasions.

Although we may sometimes still struggle to persuade people that a football club is perfectly able to do activities other than football, Tandem Bank didn’t need any persuasion and understood our role as a Community Benefit Society operating as a social enterprise was far greater than just playing football every Saturday. Our stated purpose is to be a benefit to the community and Tandem Bank have enabled and facilitated us to be just that.

Attracted by our community activities and support groups for people with lived experience of mental health problems and in recovery or with issues around loneliness and social isolation they have proved to be steadfast friends and corporate allies.

Which brings me on to Thursday & the arrival of the Tandem Educational Bus arriving at Creasey Park around lunchtime and fully kitted out to deliver three free financial education sessions. A mobile classroom so to speak. What a wonderful idea. I don’t know what schools do nowadays but my own children never received anything as remotely valuable or as informative as the information that was relayed on Thursday.

Head of Education, Andrew Hurst duly delivered all three sessions to an audience that ranged in ages from 16 to 93 and covered most topics that we require to be fully financially cognisant & empowered to make informed choices and decisions.

It was a fantastic gesture by the Bank and the feedback from all who attended was positive. A huge thank you from everyone at the Club to Tandem Bank for their continued support.


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