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Match Report: Dunstable Town Youth 1-1 Dunstable Town

Photos by Liam Smith

Match week 4 and coming off the back of an impressive win we travel to the Beds FA for a local Derby against Dunstable Town “youth”.

Town have started the season fairly well with some good performances but are still at time adjusting to the 9 aside league as well as being guilty of rushing their football and not showing the composure that their age demands.

On a pleasant evening, the two Dunstable’s face off with Town coming out of the traps well and moving the ball around the pitch with intent. Youth were happy to play a more direct style of football and at times this is causing Town problems with a lack of discipline leaving gaps at the back.

Town started to play with a bit of purpose with some lovely interchanging play between Keeble and Golding leading to the first clear chance of the game when an overlapping Keeble run was found smartly with a cheeky nutmeg by Golding… unfortunately, Keeble's right footed shot was saved well by the Youth Goalkeeper.

With pressure growing a long throw into the box caused confusion between Potter and the defenders allowing for the Youth ST to prod the call home from a yard out 1-0 youth.

Town started to play a more direct “hopeful” style of football and this caused little danger to the Youth backline who were happy to head and kick everything in site (including anything in Red & Black).

Another Keeble chance as a long throw by Golding fell into the onrushing path of the flying fullback who caught his first time volley a little too well sending his effort over the bar from around 5 yards out.

Pressure grew and a quick throw from Keeble into the feet of Robson 5 yards into the box was quickly followed by the youth CB stamping on the back of Robson's leg with the referee having no option but to award an obvious penalty!

Robson does what he does best and calmly slotted his x4 of the season away 1-1.


After the usual discussion around letting ourselves down and promising to speed up the play the half played out to a rather desperate tone of town trying in vain to grab a winner with Youth seemingly happy with the point. A few key talking points towards the end of the game with Robson picking up his x4 yellow of the season before returning back into the action and a golden chance falling his was after a lovely cutback down the right hand side from Lew Hutch falling into the path of Robson who made great contact with the ball that went agonisingly wide from a Town’s perspective. The town backline was comfortable for the entirety of the half with youth offering little in terms of attacking but defended valiantly to the end. A few tasty tackles as the game whimpered out and the first Dunstable Derby ended in a rather drab draw.


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