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Match Report: Barton Rovers Vet's 0-4 Dunstable Town Vet's

In what would turn out to be the last summer's evening and with Dunstable in search of their first win of the season after two impressive performances in previous weeks.

Barton Rovers from the league above were the hosts with Golding able to welcome into the fold debutants Rob Kurzawa who was superb along with Ryan Keeble & Gary Lang adding some quality and class to an evolving side.

Dunstable started nervy with Barton going direct from the get go… Kurzawa, Saunders and Keeble soaking this early pressure up and dealing with everything that was pumped towards them with relative ease.

Dunstable began to grow into the game and were moving the ball well at times with some lovely interchange all over the pitch with the defence encouraging the team to be patient in the build up.

Barton where now struggling to break through the Dunstable press and with Rovers becoming frustrated Dunstable were enjoying the majority of the ball… Keeble began to push higher down the left with the team starting to rotate and interchange across the park gaps were starting to appear in the Barton back line. A long ball from Potter was flicked on well by J Hutch into the path of Robson who expertly positioned his body between the ball and CB leaving the Ref option but to award a penalty. With the Barton keeper trying his best to affect Robson's concentration the striker placed the ball and calmly tucked away his second of the season low into the bottom right hand corner 1-0!

Keeble carrying the ball out from the back lead to a throw in high down the Barton left hand side.. a long throw into Robsons feet allowed him to take the ball in before somehow being able to square the ball across the face of the goal for the untracked run of Lew Hutch who arrived with perfect timing to slam the ball home from 5 yards and give Dunstable the commanding 2-0 lead they deserved.

Town were now flying and stepped up the tempo with some lovely one touch passing between Hudson and J Hutch leading to a free kick down the Barton left hand side. Quick thinking between Lew Hutch and Golding resulted in a low cross being smashed towards the Barton goal and Tom Fielding reacting the quickest and getting his foot to the ball before being taken out by the Barton keeper (stonewall penalty).

This time the Barton No.4 attempted to apply the dark arts with Robson standing smugly whilst the defender stood in position to take the kick himself! After he got bored and was moved by the Ref.

Robson emphatically stepped up and dispatched his spot kick into the same corner as before this time with even more purpose before thanking the Barton defender for his support 3-0!

With the half coming toward the end and Barton hanging on for dear life a long throw would bring the only questionable decision from the referee as the Barton Keeper was out jumped but the Dunstable centre forward and flicked on to the back post allowing Golding to roll the ball home from close range the rather “soft” decision was given in favour of the fortunate Goalkeeper.

Half time and Dunstable in full control.

The second half started with Town struggling to get back up to speed… loose play from Golding allowed Barton the have a rare chance at goal only for the Dunstable Capitan potter to save well down to his right hand side before giving a rather stern look towards his manger.

Changes were made with Lang coming into the game and giving Dunstable a new lease of life, some fantastic one touch play from back to front down the right hand side involving Ian Pegrum feeding the ball into Robson who then played inside to Lew Hutch who nonchalantly played a flicked pass round the corner into the unmarked Golding who imitated his childhood hero (Lew Hutch) and finished with a carbon copy of the flick that had played him in seconds earlier down low to the keepers left 4-0!!

With the game done the only key moment of note where Chris Robson injuring himself with stepovers down the left hand side before Dunstable’s normally angelic Keeble having to restrain a rather excited Barton CB by the throat to give him time to calm down after he had become overwhelmed by Keeble’s running and ability both with and without the ball (the ref saw sense and sent to Barton player for a rest with Keeble taking himself off as he felt he was no longer the leader the team deserved.

The game was finished off with ease and Liam K coming on to play some fantastic passes and press the Barton backline for the final 7 minutes ensuring that there was no let up in standards.

A fantastic team performance and a really enjoyable game.

Next week is the Dunstable Derby against our friends from the youth setup!!


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