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Chums and Crumbs Christmas Party

Written by Ican Naci

The spirit of community was in full display at Creasey Park, which has been home to Dunstable Town Football Club for the past 70 years.

Dunstable Town FC hosts a program known as ‘Improving the Lives of Others’, which was set up to help people improve physical fitness and mental wellbeing. The program has several groups from Walking Football to Mental Health Groups. If you consider Improving Lives as a tree, then Chums, Walking Football and the Mental Health Support groups are the branches.

‘Chums and Crumbs’ has been running just under two years and is part of the Improving Lives Program and is a collaboration with the Social Prescribers at Titan PC. Chums meet weekly, it is free to join and participate in. In a touching gesture, all members gathered on Thursday and shared the festive spirit, each member received a Christmas present and card, symbolising the warmth and care at the heart of Chums & Crumbs.

Members of the community were transported to the venue by SpeedLine Taxis, ensuring everyone could participate in the festivities. Over 15 members gathered at CreaseyPark Community Football Centre, to enjoy a festive two-course Christmas lunch. The lunch featured both fresh turkey and a nut roast for vegetarians.

Dunstable Town FC & Titan PCN are grateful to the Mayo Association Luton, Mentmore Village Fete, and Asda in Dunstable, for their generous support over the past year, highlighting the community’s commitment to supporting its members.


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