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Going Back to our Roots

Today is a very exciting day for Dunstable Town Football Club as we are very proud to unveil a new identity for the club as we look to go back to our roots. This is in the form of our new club crest.

The Dunstable Town Football club badge is made up of 4 main elements (see image below):

  • The Year the club was formed

  • The lion derived and revamped from the old Dunstable Town badge 50 years ago

  • The Logotype: The name (DUNSTABLE TOWN FOOTBALL CLUB) in a typeface used within the badge

  • The NEW added Latin text translating to ‘STANDING ABOVE ALL’ - meaning the club stands above all others and that of the lion on the Chiltern Hill

The new badge represents the Club's desire for a unique identity both in its community values and community work which will be announced very soon.

Speaking on the announcement of the new crest, club Chairman, Andrew Madaras said:

"Our new badge celebrates a new chapter in the Club's history. Remembering and respecting our past but looking ahead to a sustainable future as a fully fan owned Club using the power of football for social good."

A huge amount of work has gone into this project behind the scenes at Dunstable Town Football Club and we are grateful for the top quality work of graphic designer, and Youth Section Vice-Chair, Karl Clarke.

The new badge design will appear on the home and away strips for the upcoming 2021/2022 season. Stay tuned for a separate kit announcement coming soon.

With the support and guidance of The Football Supporters' Association, the Club has undergone an off the field restructure in the close season and is waiting for confirmation of Community Benefits Society status.

This is an exciting chapter in the Club's 138-year history and we hope that you will continue to support us on our journey.


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