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DTFC Walking Football Partner with Tibbs Dementia

On Thursday 07th September Dunstable Town Walking Football started its latest venture.

After many meetings and discussions with potential partners, we are delighted to announce the start of 6 taster sessions of walking football aimed at participants who have early-stage Dementia and also participants who have been referred to us by their local GP.

This has led to new partnerships between DTFC and Tibbs Dementia, local Premier Care Networks [PCN] which includes doctor surgeries in West Street, Kingsbury Court in Dunstable, Wheatfield Road Luton, Caddington, Houghton Regis, Toddington, Everyone Active at The Dunstable Centre, [the old Dunstable recreation centre] also with Dunstable and District Citizen’s Advice.

At the first session, we are delighted to announce that we had 30 plus participants along with their careers and helpers, who are also more than welcome to join in the fun by playing or meeting new friends who all have something in common.

This has led to us having to extend the facilities booking to now include 2 pitches at The Dunstable Centre which actually equates to the whole of the main hall at the Centre.

The whole emphasis behind these sessions is to improve participants' physical and mental health and well-being by meeting new friends and getting involved in walking football to whatever level of involvement suits the individual participant.

These sessions are free of charge, and all are welcome,


If you are interested in joining us please contact me by Email at before attending, as I will need to carry out a quick assessment to ensure that this is the correct session for you and if this is not the right session, offer you one of our other sessions that are also available.

Ian Bateman

DTFC Walking Football “no stride is too big“


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