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Community Activities Available for Everyone

It’s been a busy week at CBS HQ.

The Club has wasted no time in starting to forge links with community groups in order to live up to our stated intention of helping people to lead healthier and happier lives through participation in our free group activities.

The Walking Football group met for the third time on Wednesday. It was encouraging to see a fourth new member join from outside the immediate Club circle of supporters and committee members. Word of mouth and social media promotions being responsible. We were joined by ex-semi-pro, Delano Stewart-Jones from DKD Coaching who took some drone footage of the action. If you would like further details on Walking Football and express an interest in coming along, please contact Sam Giddings at

Thanks to local MP, Andrew Selous, for his support and for looking to arrange a date to grace the Creasey Park 3G.

Patrick Mackay will be starting the Walking group next Tuesday 17th August at 6 pm. The meeting point is at Creasey Park. The group is designed for people who want to improve their physical and mental well-being through gentle exercise and a sense of purpose gained from being part of a group. Please contact for more information.

Club sponsor, Rupert Groves, landlord of The Glider on Lowther Road has very generously made a part of his pub lounge available to our Coffee Club / Support group which will meet every Monday from September 20th from 2 – 3.30 pm. Michael Walsh, the Asda Community Champion, has very kindly offered to provide refreshments for the group’s attendees.

Yvonne Verla started her new role as DTFC Mental Health Advocate with a visit to the Town Mayor of Houghton Regis, Councillor Clare Copleston’s Garden Party on Saturday 7th August. Yvonne and Club Chair, Andrew Madaras, met, among others, MP Andrew Selous & the Mayor and hope to be holding further meetings in a couple of weeks’ time.

There was also the opportunity to meet Daniel Gaskin & Delano Stewart-Jones from DKD Coaching who will be providing the Club with UEFA B licensed coaching for specialist small groups under the Club’s CBS service provision.

If that wasn’t enough, we met with a staff member from the Community Mental Health Team at Beacon House to look at a joint initiative and on Friday there was a visit to Grove Corner to meet Minds2gether, which is a mental health service user peer support group. The contact was arranged through Andrew Selous MP who is a passionate advocate for the group. The group meets twice a week on Wednesday and Friday mornings between 10 am – 1 pm. It proved invaluable support during lockdown and continued to meet face to face to offer support to its members. If time allows, we would look to attend sessions as often as possible.


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