Back in the Quadrant....

Most of us watch both BBC Sport or Sky Sports News . Its is a good way of keeping upto date with the lastest comings & goings in the world of pro sport especially our beloved football . We at Dunstable Town FC look at the huge exposure it gives the pro game & we look on in envy . However we at Dunstable are not simply sitting back as on lookers ,we are a community based club & as such we punch above our weight on all aspects of communication . Our media team are constantly getting the Dunstable Town message out on Facebook., Twitter & instagram.+ press releases . The other more face to face concept is our stall we have on a regular basis in the Quadrant shopping centre . We are equipped with leaflets on all aspects of the club & since we have been doing it our regular presence has been.well recieved by the good people of Dunstable & Houghton Regis . Our stall will be in place on Wednesday the 26th of June from.9am.until 2pm.. All enquiries welcomed so come down on Wednesday & see what your community based football club has to offer .Grassroots football needs local peoples support , we have no rich sheikh waiting in the wings , its local people giving of there time , trying to make a difference . We want local football talent to start with their local club . We want that person or persons who believe we are deserving of some financial support . Most of all we want the community to see Dunstable Town as a valued assett that is worthy of your support through the turnstiles . Come down on Wednesday have that conversation that could make a difference in football terms , or could make a difference to your local clubs financies . See you in the Quadrant on Wednesday morning . Regards . Pete Burrows Community engagement officer for Dunstable Town FC . 

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Dunstable Town Football Club is a members owned football club that is run by the Club Committee

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