Saturday morning we are back in the Quadrant....

Many will be basking in the size ,the lavish luxury of Spurs new ground & whilst its a sight to behold which nobody can deny . The flip side to what i have just said has merit to , namely the gulf between the fat cat big boys & the comparison of the non league football club world many of whom budget week to week & month to month & breathe a sigh of relief in doing so . Local non league clubs up & down the country rely on volunteers to keep going both during the season & the close season . Your local club Dunstable Town FC , wants to produce a good competitve team & a good matchday experience for those attending & we would like more local support from both people through the turnstiles & we would welcome support from local companies as well . Our regular stall will be in the Quadrant shopping centre this Saturday 6th of April from.9am to 12 noon . We look forward to seeing many local people on Saturday morning . Regards. Peter Burrows Community engagement officer . 

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Dunstable Town Football Club is a members owned football club that is run by the Club Committee

through its annually elected Club Officers, constituting the Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary.