Q&A With Development Team Defender Kavell Wilson ahead of tonight's Game......

1. What Football team do you support? Kavell-Man United. 2.Who is your favourite footballer in world football ? Kavell-Messi. 3.Who is, or who has been the best manager to have managed UK club in the last 10 years? Kavell-Harry Redknapp 4.What is your favourite film? Kavell-Toy story. 5.What is your favourite tv series/Netflix/Amazon prime show? Kavell-Power. 6.What's your favourite drink? Kavell-Water. 7.What's your favourite food? Kavell-Chicken. 8.What do you do outside of playing for Dunstable Town? Kavell-Look after his Children. 9.Arsenal or Spurs? Spurs. Liverpool or Everton? Liverpool. City or United?Man United. Villa or Brum? Birmingham. 10.Adidas or Nike? Kavell-Adidas. 11.How many Kick ups can you do? Kavell- over 40. 12.What was your first football shirt? Kavell-Man United. 13.Do you have a nickname your teammates call you? Kavell-KV 14.Who's the dressing room Joker? Kavell- Everyone. 15.Post match ice bath...punishment or blessing? Kavell-blessing. 

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Dunstable Town Football Club is a members owned football club that is run by the Club Committee

through its annually elected Club Officers, constituting the Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary.