After our little run of decent form we were of course hit with some terrible luck which we simply can’t cope with and don’t have the ability to dip in our pockets for a short term fix solution, so that left us on the wrong end of two heavy defeats, but with both clubs officials quoting how flattering the score lines were.

We were acutely aware of the problem with our young goalkeeper at Stratford and then we were hit with some other issues including our centre back getting his boot ripped off and while he left the pitch to get the replacement they scored. Despite that our second half response was immense and shows the character of the lads. 4-0 down and they had a proper good go to get back in the game. We totally dominated the second half only for the goalkeeper to succumb to his restriction on the first occasion he was called into action.

Going into King’s Lynn we were hit hard in several areas. During the day our team changed 3 times due to injuries and then prior to the game a key player withdrew and the goalkeeper failed his fitness test. Teams with big resources in this league have complained about injuries, so I can assure you, it hits us harder. That led to our warrior young centre back stepping into the sticks. When you consider what we are competing against, former professional players on more money than many of the full time pros and here we are with a scratch team and a centre back in goal. We got on with it and had a game plan. We came in 1-0 down but felt we were totally in the game and second half we came out flying and had a real go. We conceded a penalty correctly awarded but that didn’t stop us and we continued to take the game to them.

The performances over the last game and a half are really encouraging and show we have come a long, long way. Our medical support team have been working hard, as have our admin team, and now we can stabilise with the goalkeeper situation rectified, we know that we have no fear against any opposition and whilst we respect our opposition, we will be going out to win every game.


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