• Tony McCool


Anyone that has seen us or played against us will know that our young team have largely performed terrifically and our style of play is earning respect from many. Yesterday at Avelely in the cup our unbelievable bad luck continued. We were worried about Nick Hayes before the game but he wanted to try. Then 2 minutes in Ethan Suffered a really nasty rotation of his hip when their player came through the back of him and we await what damage is done but certainly a difficult watch when your own leg in a position it doesn’t belong. Then 5 minutes in Arel was fouled inside the box in a nasty one which seemed to be the theme of the first half. Ive never seen him go down so I knew it was bad. His ankle is twice the size but he wanted to continue. Somehow a foul was given against him for that. Quickly we realised Nick Hayes was suffering and he couldnt kick correctly. Added to that he was in agony even moving. We got to half term still creating many chances but 1-0 down but we had to make a call with Nick. I had in my mind what happened at Chesham when Will Hunt was injured within 2 minutes with a groin and couldnt move and we conceded goals as a result. So we changed it at half time and Charlie Black went in goal. Unfortunately even going down to 10 men we still dominated the game but couldnt get the goal we deserved and we were out of the FA Trophey. Last season we used 9 goalkeepers with various games with outfield players going in goal. I never ever thought that freak situation could be repeated and with 3 excellent keepers signed on at the start of the season we fealt confident that we would have some normality and consistency. It never happened. We are still in October and have now used 8 different guys in goal in competitive games. Everything else about our game and recruitment has improved us massively but this situation is killing us without question. In three cup competitions we have finished the game with outfield players in goal. That doesn’t happen to teams in a whole season. This is a major factor in us being dumped out of those competitions which are so vital to a club like us who dont even gain a penny from a beer sold in the stadium on match days. In the FA Cup at Corby Kieran Ogden finished the game in goal and we were down to 9 men in astonishing circumstances having been 3 nil up. At Chesham in the league cup Daniel Trif finished the game in goal when we took the decision out of Will Hunts hands as the poor guy tried to limp on in agony like the karate kid. Then yesterday Charlie Black finished in goal after Nick was completely immobile in agony and still said he wanted to play on and not let the lads down. I reminded him what he done for this club and his team mates and he was 1 million % not letting anyone down. He has 8 inch bruising all down the inside of his thigh, I couldnt let him continue. As well as Nick Hayes & Will Hunt our regular keeper Nathan Harness completes the three with nasty hip/groin injuries. We’ve also had Lewis Todd and Fred Burbidge on loan from Borehamwood to complete the 8 players. Just impossible luck that has left us desperately disappointed and dejected. I have phoned every club locally, some call back, some dont. Some have said that they also have a shortage of keepers. Either way we need another keeper to make it 9 for the season and match already the number used last season. A one month loan from a professional or Step 1-3 club would be terrific to get us Nathan back fully fit. Alternatively there maybe a really promising young keeper locally that has some experience at this level and thinks they can compete and progress into the game. I would welcome them to training tomorrow night (Monday) at Creasey Park for 7.30 start. I guess this is turning into an appeal, please help us football family. We have very limited funds and have come so far. Our players are mostly young and all the squad have development plans to progress. We dont recruit players who with respect, have money as the number one criteria for playing football. Our players are young hungry and want to develop and improve. Were playing terrific football and don’t fear anybody regardless of budget and have terrific team spirit. If you think you can develop in that sort of environment and understand the level, please email us urgently and we will give you details for training tomorrow night dunstabletowntrials@gmail.com or any pro club that wants a club for a player for a month where they will be treated properly and understand holistic player development processes, please let me know. If a Premier League club wants to do something amazing to support a club that is setting new standards of non league sustainability focused on pathway development, that would be an amazing miracle. Unfortunately we wont be able to contribute to a £40k a week salary but we can guarantee a parking space and half a tank of fuel for a Range Rover

Tony McCool



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