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100 for Dan Trif

I’m not sure if there is a position that Daniel Trif hasn’t played in for the Blues since his arrival from London Tigers FC in the summer of 2017. He’s played at the back, in midfield, up front and even in goal on a couple of occasions. He is Mr Versatility.

But that doesn’t even begin to tell you what you need to know about Daniel Trif the man. A Romanian national with an ever- present smile and a heart as big as they come. Daniel has the love and respect of everyone at the Club, not just for his unquestionable commitment and loyalty on the field but also for the courage and strength he showed in the dark days of the winter of 2017 and the spring of 2018. The loss of Ella was felt by everyone associated with the Club. The Ella Trif Memorial Golf Day held at Luton Hoo showed how much love and support there was for Daniel with Kings Langley FC, Berkhamsted FC & QPR well represented among the 60 odd competitors.

Daniel’s goal away at Biggleswade Town in April 2018 captured his determination perfectly. Chasing what appeared to be a ball destined for the safety of the Biggleswade keeper, Daniel kept going and gratefully capitalised on the keeper’s hesitation to give the Blues all three points. But it was Daniel’s reaction which enthralled everyone. He sprinted to the dug- out and leapt into the arms of the management team and substitutes. This was unbridled passion and emotion from a man who was experiencing unimaginable pain on the inside. We all knew who that goal was for and what it meant to Daniel. Who said football is just a game?

Daniel plays his 101st game today for the Blues v Oxhey Jets. His century came up on Tuesday night away at Crawley Green. He is sponsored this season by the Regiment who will pay their own tribute to him. Daniel is the sole survivor in the current 1st team playing squad of the Southern League Prem days. He is a humble man with the strength and heart of a lion and whose remarkable story, dedication & loyalty make him a true Dunstable Town FC hero and legend.

Thank you Daniel for everything that you have given and done for this Club. 


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