Recently, Weatherfield Academy, the Club’s current Community School of the Season, had an Ofsted inspection. It was praised for the outstanding personal development, behaviour and welfare of its pupils. Without doubt Weatherfield Academy is truly a special school, in every sense of the word. Not only does the school cater solely for students with special educational needs, it has a special place in the heart of the Club, local community, the pupils, parents and staff. Weatherfield’s recent Ofsted report highlights how the school and students are excelling. Weatherfield is delivering on the its main ethos for the students of “Become the Best Person They Can Be”. Ofsted rated Weatherfield Ac


They managed to make life difficult for us. What enthusiasm, what fitness. They looked to be a very young team, they get paid nowt and I would be proud to be a supporter of theirs. Fan owned... of recent time..just hope they manage to pick up some goals soon and climb the table. Good luck Dunstable. ( Hereford Utd fan 31/10/17) After the ecstasy of Tuesday came the agony and sheer unadulterated pain of Saturday. The high followed by the low. Nowhere were these very different emotions so visibly expressed than in the Creasey Park home changing room and bar, where supporters sought solace eagerly checking phones to see how Gosport had fared against Dorchester. A late Dorchester equaliser brou


Dear Dunstable I woke early this morning after another incredible week, we’ve reached match day. I decided to go for a walk to think about today’s game and walked up the downs. Locals know what I mean by that. Blows Downs is a great feature of our town that acts like a huge border. I reached the highest point where you can view the whole of Dunstable and Houghton Regis and I stood desperately thinking. This is no village. Over to my right is the M1 and I know those heading south have a great view of this great countryside with the famous white chalk hill in the middle. As you scan round to the left I can see thousands and thousands of houses. Sweeping round to the left I can see all the new


Football is a funny old game as Jimmy Greaves often reminded Ian St John. This was clearly the case on Tuesday evening when we hosted Weymouth in the rearranged fixture and what a momentous night it proved to be. Our young lions defied the odds and put on a magnificent display to overcome a strong Weymouth team 2-1 which ended The Terras ten-match unbeaten streak. For all our supporters who witnessed this victory, there was an outpouring of emotion and joy as they celebrated. The iconic image of our devoted and fervent fans hugging Charlie Black and Daniel Triff will live long in the memory. Such scenes highlight the importance of supporters at this level. Fans are the life-blood of non-lea


A huge debt of gratitude is paid to the Creasey Park ground staff, Dave & Ken, who work tirelessly every day to prepare a playing surface which sees 100 games of football played on it over the course of the season. These wonderful gentlemen spend hour upon hour in all types of weather to enable us to get our football “fix”. In the 24 hours leading up to kick off I met Dave & Ken three times at the ground to look at the surface, keeping my fingers crossed that they could work their miracles and get the game played. The fact that the game did go ahead after all of Sunday’s snow and rainfall is testimony to their skill and professionalism. The second Thank You goes to local referee, Alex Raymen


Dunstable Library are calling for any Dunstable Town related memorabilia to be added to a permanent football related display. Staff at the library are looking for any Dunstable Town related items to be loaned to them for a permanent display in the library, which will also be used as part of their educational programme they run in association with Dunstable Town. If you have any old programmes, newspaper clippings, badges etc please either deliver them to our chairman Alex at a match or drop them in the library.


Tony McCool pulled no punches in his interview with the Dunstable Gazette following last Saturday’s home defeat to Royston, when he spoke of the difficulty of competing in the Southern Premier League without a playing budget and without 5-6 seasoned old heads who have the experience to grind out results and manage important periods of the game to shut down opposing teams and thwart their game plans. Tony continued in his piece to make an impassioned plea for the good people of Dunstable to come in their numbers and show some support to our remarkable young men proudly wearing our shirt. There are some crucially important games coming up and it surely isn’t too much to ask to expect a few mor


With Gedeon Okito unwell, and Captain and Leader of Men, John Sonuga, still recovering from injury, the Captain’s armband was passed to Arel Amu who has worked tirelessly throughout the season to engineer goals and chances for himself and his team-mates. If you want to find a personification of graft, endeavour and consistency, look no further than Arel Amu who played with his usual gusto and determination. Ty Ward replaced Gedeon in defence and looked strong in the tackle and keen to push forward when opportunity arose. There was a starting place for recent signing Alex Ward who showed industry and endeavour in the heart of the midfield. Casey Harker returned from injury and showed why he i


Dunstable Town currently does not pay any of its players, a unique situation at the level of football that we operate. However, we all know that this is not a sustainable position, and one that the Dunstable Town board are working very hard behind the scenes to rectify. As we look to build a sustainable club , which only operates within its means, we now believe it is time to build a fund which is ‘ring fenced’ for player wages. Many clubs operating at our level have similar schemes which supplement the allocated player budget. So, how does it work ? Supporters can donate via 1) One off donations 2) Monthly Standing Orders 3) A combination of 1 & 2. The amount of your donation/standi


Despite playing some bright, attacking football for long periods in the game, Dunstable Town could not recreate that extra bit of “special” something that had deservedly won them the game six days earlier away at Banbury. Tony McCool reflected philosophically afterwards that had Aaron Hudson’s carefully placed second half shot hit the back of the Biggleswade Town net instead of flashing inches wide, the outcome of the game may have been different. His views were shared by many Dunstable supporters who had appreciated the sublime link up play which had enabled Aaron, on his return from injury, to jink, make room for himself and then try and place the ball past the reaching hands of Sam Donkin

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Dunstable Town Football Club is a members owned football club that is run by the Club Committee

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